Charlottetown Cruise Ship Schedule

For four years, 2012 through 2015, I operated a website here at that provided structured data related to visits by cruise ships to the Port of Charlottetown. Over those years the Port itself, on its website, provided only an unstructured HTML table for this information, which was unhelpful for people who wanted to integrate the schedule into their digital workflows.

For the 2016 season, the Port of Charlottetown has, at long last, released its own structured data, via a Google Calendar, about all ship visits, both cruise ships and cargo ships.

While this Google Calendar doesn't replace all of the functionality of the system that I built, it has the distinct advantage of being under the control of the Port itself, and thus will, I presume, be kept up to date as the schedule changes. So it won't Tweet and there's no RSS, but it will all come right from the horse's mouth, which is a net benefit to everyone.

It's been a fun project maintaining this unofficial open data of the cruise ship schedule, but with this new resource in place I'm now moving on to other things, and I leave you with:

The contact email for this new official calendar, with which I have no relationship, is and you should contact that email address for questions or concerns.

Peter Rukavina, April 17, 2016